Marketing with Event Management

Course Structure

Course Overview

The Marketing with Event Management is a one year Level 6 programme awarded by QQI, which prepares the student to work within the business industry. The student will learn how to successfully manage business projects and will develop key skills that are sought after by employers. 


Modules List

  • Administration practice 

  • Conflict Management 

  • Business Management 

  • Digital Marketing 

  • Project Management 

  • Work Experience 

  • Word Processing

  • Supervisory Management

Careers and Opportunities 

Graduates from the Marketing with Event Management programme will develop key business skills that are highly sought after by employers in Ireland and abroad. Graduates are well suited to take up employment within the business industry, managing business projects or may progress to Level 7 or Level 8 programmes with the Higher Education Institutes. 

Student Testimonials / Where are they now?

  • The course has taught me how to deal with different business situations professionally and has taught me skills that are needed to manage a business project.

  • I think the teacher holds the class together and supports us all individually and is a good person to look up to. The teacher treats us as colleagues.

  • The teachers always listen and support us when needed.

  • I like that the course prepares me for a supervisory role.

  • The students in the class are friendly and very helpful.

  • The project management module is fun and challenging.

  • The class sizes are small.


Course Requirements

Course Code
QQI Level 6 Marketing with Event Management
One Year | Full-Time




Reasons for Choosing Marino College

+ The College is easy to get to on the Bus, Luas & DART

+ My classmates are good fun & lovely to be around

+ The teachers are very helpful & caring in the sense that they wouldn’t move on unless everyone understood the topic

+ The courses are a great gateway to amazing career opportunities

+ The college has a great atmosphere and if you have a problem there’s always someone there to help you