General Information

Application Procedures

Application for all courses should be made by completing an online application on our website.

Courses are delivered through English, therefore, learners should be proficient in written and spoken English. We may require learners to do an English Language assessment as part of the interview procedures. We welcome applications from Mature students and offer support to assist their learning.

Student Grants

Eligible students can apply for a SUSI Grant to assist with course costs. Please contact for further information.

Back to Education Allowance

Eligible students can avail of the Back to Education Allowance which enables students to retain their benefit payment while studying.  Please contact your local INTREO office or for further information.

Career Guidance and Counselling

Students may avail of our services to assist planning their future career or education options. A counselling service is available to students on an individual basis to address issues of a personal concern.

Disability and Special Education Support

Marino College seeks to encourage a caring and an inclusive learning environment through developing the whole person to their full potential. We strive to create a person centred approach to learning through the development of a positive, respectful and safe environment. We encourage students to declare any learning difficulty, disability or medical condition on application.  We offer students use of our support service to ensure each student can reach their full potential.

Student Union

Marino College Students’ Union is a democratic team run by students for students. They meet and work with the liaison teacher, Principal and Board of Management on issues of concern to students. It is the student’s voice within the college. They have involvement in college planning, college events and have a say in college policies e.g. anti-bullying policy, substance use, mobile phones. 

It is also responsible for managing extra-curricular activities that enhance the student experience. These are a great way to get familiar with college life and the best way to get to meet fellow students. A wide range of guest speakers, sports, entertainment and events occur throughout the academic year.

Student Activities

Marino College encourages students to participate in various college activities to ensure a holistic college experience. These include; The Five Lamps Arts Festival, the Marino College Zombie Run, Fundraising Events, Annual Drama Workshop, Public Speaking, Christmas Quiz and a variety of Sporting Activities all organised by the Sports and Cultural Council.